Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is one of my favorite online stores. To date I have bought two wrap dresses and a shawl and I adore them. Customer service is excellent, beyond excellent, it is fantabulous. I didn’t think I could love this store any more, but then I read their ethics.

1. All of our products are made of bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is anti-bacterial and doesn’t just wick moisture but is quick to dry. More importantly, it’s a fast-growing native species that is entirely renewable.
2. All TranquiliT pieces are sweatshop free and sewn in the USA.
3. TraquiliT donates a percentage of profits to Tranquil Space Foundation which brings yoga, creativity, and leadership to women and girls.
4. A tree is planted for every shipment that is sent out to help offset carbon emissions from the delivery process.
5. We will be offering an eco "shipping package turns to tote" option at the checkout process shortly. This new mailer can be turned inside out after the shipping process to be used as a canvas tote (made of recycled content), eliminating all waste from our shipping process and allowing you to have a lovely reusable tote for all your shopping excursions.
6. All other orders will be shipped via a poly-mailer, which offers the most lightweight and smallest packaging available to reduce weight and space on freighters. They also offer the most protection from damage of your goods from moisture. We are constantly in search of new 100% recyclable mailers. Feel free to return your poly-mailer to us and we’ll gladly reuse it!
7. All of our postcard ads are printed on 100% recycled paper and printed with soy inks.
8. Online shoppers receive a lovely black TranquiliT pen made from recycled tires and an organic lavender sachet.

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