Friday, May 29, 2009

La cucaracha, la cucaracha

The start of Loaf family Eurotrip was inauspicious. We arrived at the airport at 12:30 and it took 40 plus minutes to check our luggage. We then cruised (relatively speaking) through security and headed to our gate. We arrived at the gate with an hour to spare and settled in to await boarding. Well 2:30 rolls around and though our flight is scheduled to leave in 7 minutes our plane has not arrived. It seems our flight is still sitting on the runway in Philly. We are informed that the plane will be in the air momentarily and should arrive in B'more by 3:30. Then all hell breaks lose. The skies open up and we are told the "ramp" has been closed. The "ramp" we learn is airline lingo for the runway and that means that though are flight did leave Philly it is now stuck circling BWI. Finally around 4:30 the skies clear and the plane lands. Our connecting flight from Philly does not leave until 6:30, so we still have time. Then we find out the "ramp" in Philly is shut down and will not open for at least an hour. At this point, we are being told to call customer service and get our flights rescheduled. I am not even going to try to explain the chaos at the ticket counter as 4 flights are cancelled and 4 flights of angry would-be passengers start an uprising. Luckily, we were able to get an extremely helpful customer service agent on the phone and are rebooked on the same flight out of Philly tomorrow evening. So we tell them to pull our luggage off the plane and head home in defeat. The good news is I get to sleep in my own bed tonight and tomorrow we will DRIVE to Philly and head for Europe. The bad news is when I opened my carry-on to get my purse a huge roach crawled out. Oh yeah, one monster roach had snuck in my bag. I am going to shower now because I think I have been contaminated.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar
Porque no tiene, porque le falta
Marijuana que fumar.

Ya la murio la cucaracha
Ya la lleven a enterrar
Entre cuatro zopilotes
Y un raton de sacristan.

PS - hopefully when most of you read this I will be on a flight to Europe otherwise I may be in Philly and in need of bail because I might lose it if we miss our flight again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aerial application

Minerva has suddenly lost her fear of BL and has taken to spending time in his lap. This of course, annoys the crap out of me because she is my cat and is suppose to only have contempt for others. When BL works from home, he and Minerva have a new morning routine. Minerva will jump into his lap and let him pet her, while BL checks his emails and has his morning coffee. This is amazing for a couple of reasons; 1.) Minerva use to fear BL and 2.) BL sits on a bar stool at the kitchen island and that is a pretty high jump for Minerva, who is not very agile or graceful. This routine would be bad enough, but now Minerva is even snuggling with BL while we watch TV. The other night BL was on the couch watching TV and I was curled up in the chair reading. Usually my being in the chair reading is enough to entice Minerva to come sit with me. She is very jealous of the time I spend with books, so much so that she will usually try to sit on the book, so I won't be distracted from my main job of petting her. This evening though, BL patted the couch and called for Minerva and she jumped up onto the couch with him and being a the slutty cat that she is, she even started to purr. I, being a mature adult, pouted and called the cat mean names before returning my attention to my book. About 30 minutes later, Minerva decided that she was done with BL and would come snuggle with me. But here is the best part, as she left left BL's lap she crop dusted him with one of her special warm bologna farts. Now I see that Minerva was only luring BL into complacently before she enacted her revenge. I have trained her well.