Monday, August 4, 2008

Bad friends

A few weeks ago, we traveled to New Bern, NC to see 2 of my friends from grad school. We were staying at Ear Shot's house who I had not see since 2001 and McFly was last sited in 2003. The weekend was a blast drinking and gorging ourselves on Carolina bbq and clams that McFly brought from her hatchery. Unfortuanltey, the recovery following the debauchery was painful. Sometimes I forget just how old I am.

McFly took some great pictures of the weekend, which I stupidly deleted. I asked her if she could resend them. Here's what I got...

Yes, those are pictures on the outside of my package. The mailman was cracking up when he handed the package to my husband. At least we can lighten the mood for the local postal carriers. McFLy did redeem herself because inside the package was a sweet Auburn t-shirt.

War Eagle!