Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horse Pill

The Kid came home with some calcium pills that were in the goodie bags at his last race. I greedily grabbed them and danced around singing “mine, mine, mine”. Last night I decided it was time to start taking these pills. Here’s how that went.

EL: Oh my god, these pills are flipping huge!
BL: Let me see, let me see.
EL: Seriously, I am not sure if these are pills or suppositories, maybe I should read the directions.

After reading the directions and being certain that I was suppose to take the pills orally, I proceeded to take a sip of water, but started laughing hysterically before I could swallow the pill. BL yelled at me to spit it out before I choked, which only made me laugh more. I did finally get the pill down, but do not look forward to taking the next one, but I know they are good for me, so I will. The things we women do…

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Thais & Matt in Amsterdam said...

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