Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where to begin...

I think we will start at the beginning. After a lovely 5 hour flight, we landed safely in Phoenix and headed to Enterprise to pick-up our rental car. We had a reservation for a compact. Getting this car turned into a drinking game. Every time, the desk dude says compact please proceed to drink.

Desk dude (DD): I have you down for a COMPACT for 4 days, correct.
B: yes
DD: We are offering a double upgrade special, are you interested in upgrading your COMPACT. You know it does not have power windows, a CD player, power steering, power brakes, or an engine (ok, I am exaggerating here).
B: That is fine.
DD: Will anyone else be driving the COMPACT? You know your wife can drive the COMPACT for no additional charge.
B: Great.
DD: So you just want to keep the COMPACT and not upgrade the COMPACT?
DD: Okay, then you can pick-up your COMPACT by going down the hall and taking the escalator to the lower level. This is where your COMPACT will be waiting. Enjoy your COMPACT!

We proceeded to the lower level, where we were greeted by Chad. Now Chad visited Baltimore once and wanted to know if he returned where he should go. So we chatted with him about the things to do and where to eat and then he unleashed the sales pitch. Something about us needing extra insurance in case we were to damage the car. We mentioned that we had car insurance, but he insisted that damage can happen HERE and HERE, HERE and HERE, HERE and HERE. Dude, just kept going and pointing to the windshield and the hood, over and over. Yeah, we get it, cars tend to get hit by rocks which might dent the hood or crack the windshield. That’s great, but we have insurance. Then he gives us the hard sell, “You know if you damage the car, we will be collecting your deductible from you in cash.” Let me call a BS on that one! Last time I checked, if I damage a car my insurance company will handle it and I will be paying my deductible to them. So Chad, you can take your Chadinese and bite ME!

Thanks goodness, in 30 minutes we met Sherry at Z Tejas and she had ordered us Chambord Ritas (Chambord liqueur floated on top of a Margarita).

Oh, here is a picture of our COMPACT!!!!!

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