Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Music Tuesday

The third and most anticipated album by COTVD is regrettably the worst. French mountain music is a bit overplayed and nothing surprises us with their latest effort. It’s time to hang up the hurdy gurdy.

Cammenga front man Pachento's mastery of the pan flute takes us worlds beyond Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca to places only seen by ancient Incan astronauts. Put your space suits on and enjoy the ride.

Perhaps the most critically acclaimed album since Our Lady of Egypt Church's sophomore album “I Know I'm Close to Success”; List of Holocausts Survivors' "Encircled by the City of the Living" submerges you directly into the death camps of Nazi Germany and leaves you frail and thin with pleasure.

For more information about these bands and to listen to tracks from the albums click here.

1 comment:

THE KRIS said...

"french mountain music is a bit overplayed"? i heartily disagree, and here are 7 reasons why.

1. fmm is one of the great archetypal...

of course i'm kidding about that, i just wanted to mention that that phrase made my morning.