Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I really am a blonde

EL: Wow, I forgot about Geckos, we need to go there. They have the best chips and salsa.

R: Where is Geckos?

EL: On Fleet, by Patterson Park.
R: Is it new?
EL: No, I know you have seen it; it has an iguana on the sign

R: Might that iguana be a gecko?


lauren said...

did you guys go there? we walked down there a few weeks back and had a horrible experience. Dont get the taco special - the meat was bland and none of the sides tasted fresh. Forget what weeknight it was. The chips/salsa were the highlight - we should have left after that.

EL said...

We have not been in at least 4 years. A friend mentioned going their the other night and we were thinking of going back, but maybe we will just pass on that idea.